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अगर आपको Hosting खरीदना हैं, या Hosting Sell करना चाहते हैं। तो Cloudways Join कर सकते हैं। प्रत्येक Sell पर आपको $125 कमा सकते हैं।
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Q: What are Cloudways?

Cloudways is a popular Cloud Hosting Provider Company.Which is operated by Cloudways Ltd and Digital Ocean.Cloudways provides many types of Cloud Hosting.Like Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud etc.Cloudways provides you Individual Hosting.Which is the cheapest hosting for all of you.Cloudways also provides Refer & Earn and Affiliate Program to its users.Through which you can earn extra.

Q: How to Sign Up in Cloudways?

If you want to buy hosting from Cloudways, or earn money by joining Refer & Earn and Affiliate Program. So for this you will have to register inside Cloudways. First of all you have to click on the Join Now button given above. After that, you have to click on Start Free option. And you have to complete the registration. And you will get a $25 Sign Up Bonus. If you register directly. So you will not get Sign Up.

Q: What is Cloudways Refer And Earn Program?

If you do not want to buy any type of hosting from Cloudways. And want to earn money with its help. So for this you will have to invite your friends or relatives for hosting. And you can earn with its help.

Q: How to Join Cloudways Refer And Earn Program?

If you want to earn from Cloudways Refer And Earn Program. So for this you have to go to Cloudways. After that, you have to go to Refer & Get $50 option. Now you can share the referral link with your friends. And when your invited user will join using your link. Then you will start getting commission.

Q: How much commission will I get if I invite someone to Cloudways?

When you invite someone from Cloudways Referral Program. So you get $50 Hosting Credits on each invite. Which you can use to pay for your hosting.

Q: How much commission will the person I invite to Cloudways get?

After joining Cloudways Referral Program, whoever you invite. If he creates an account using your Referral Link. So he will get hosting credits worth $25. Which he can use to pay for his hosting.

Q: I referred to Cloudways but I haven't received commission?

When you refer someone, and he buys Cloudways Hosting using your referral link. And cancels the hosting before the completion of the trial period. So you do not get any commission.

Q: My website is not hosted on Cloudways. So can I become a referrer?

No, if you are not a Cloudways customer, you cannot refer customers. This program can only be used by Cloudways customers, and they can earn hosting credits by inviting new people.

Q: What is Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Cloudways gives its existing customers an opportunity to earn money from an Affiliate Program by selling hosting plans. You get three types of Affiliate Program on Cloudways, first is Slab, second is Hybrid and third is Custom. By joining which you can earn good income.

Q: How to Join Cloudways Affiliate Program?

If you want to earn good money from Cloudways, then for this you will have to sell the hosting plan by joining the Affiliate Program. After that, you can earn. To join it, you will have to click on the Join Now button given above. And after creating an account, you will have to click on the Affiliate option. And you have to fill the affiliate profile details. After filling the details, you will have to wait for 24 hours. After that, you can log in to Affiliate Panel.

Q: How to get Cloudways Affiliate Link?

Once you apply for Cloudways Affiliate Program. And your Affiliate Profile gets approved within 24 hours. So after that, you get the option to Access Your Affiliate Panel inside Cloudways Affiliate Program. And when you click on it. Then you get Cloudways Affiliate Link above itself. Which you can copy and share.

Q: What is Cloudways Affiliate Program Commission Structure?

Cloudways offers three commission structures to its existing customers to earn money from Affiliate Program. The first is Slab, the second is Hybrid and the third is Custom. Which you can choose and join as per your wish. And you can improve your earnings.

Q: Which Income Slab should I choose in Cloudways?

If you want to earn money by joining Cloudways Affiliate Program, then here you get to see 3 types of Commission Structure. You can go with whomever you want. The first is the Slab commission structure, within which you get four performance-based slabs and respective commissions. Second Hybrid model, which offers $30 upfront bonus and 7% lifetime commission. And the third Custom tier is a unique, customized commission structure that combines slab and hybrid. To select a custom commission structure, you will need to contact your Affiliate Manager.

Q: Why does my transaction show as $0 in Cloudways Affiliate?

When you refer someone, and the referral signs up for the trial, and doesn't get paid. So you see the transaction as $0.

Q: What is the maximum period of Cloudways cookie storage?

When you refer someone after joining Cloudways Affiliate. And he clicks on the link. But do not sign up inside Cloudways. Still, it remains stored for 90 days. So that when he signs up to buy hosting within it. So you get commission.

Q: Why is my initial commission/signup showing as pending in Cloudways?

Signup transaction in Cloudways is approved once the Affiliate Customer has fully upgraded the account by verifying his/her billing details. And pays at least two challans. So you get commission. And if the affiliate customer remains on trial. And does not upgrade your account, you will not get any commission for that referral.

Q: What is Approved Commission within Cloudways?

Within Cloudways, when your Affiliate customer pays at least two invoices, your commission moves from pending to approved. Which you can remove.

Q: When can I withdraw Cloudways Affiliate Commission?

When you earn affiliate commission inside Cloudways, you can withdraw it through PayPal after reaching $250. Apart from this, you also get Wire Transfer. Through which you can withdraw money. Your commission is paid in the last week of the month.

Q: My website is not hosted on Cloudways. So can I become an affiliate?

Yes, you can definitely become one. For this, you will have to create your account on Cloudways. After that, you will have to create an Affiliate Account. Then you can earn money by sharing it.

Q: How much can I earn through Affiliate Program on Cloudways?

There is no limit for earning money through Affiliate Program on Cloudways. The more customers you bring to Cloudways. You can earn more commission.