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Navi Referral Program के माध्यम आप प्रत्येक Refer पर ₹100 का Cash Bonus कमा सकते हैं, तथा आपके Referee को भी ₹100 का बोनस मिल जाता हैं। तो आप ज्यादा से ज्यादा Refer करें और पैसा कमाएं।
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Q: What is Navi App?

Navi App is a digital loan provider and investment app. Which is operated by Navi Technologies Limited, which was founded in December 2018 by Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agarwal. On Navi you are provided with financial facilities like UPI payments, investment in mutual funds, smart investment in gold along with instant cash loan, health insurance coverage etc.

Q: What is Navi Refer and Earn Program?

If you want to earn money by referring existing users of Navi App and any of your friends or relatives, then Navi Loan App gives you a commission of ₹100 on inviting new people. When you invite friends, they do KYC for Digital Gold and Mutual Funds. So you will get a Cash Bonus of ₹100 and that new user will also get ₹100. In this way, you can earn up to ₹15,000 every month.

Q: How to invite your friends from Navi app?

If you are an existing user of Navi Loan App, and you want to invite your friends or relatives to take loan or avail financial facility like UPI payments, investment in mutual funds, health insurance coverage with smart investment in gold, etc. So for this you have to go to the profile, then click on the option of Share & Earn. Now you can invite people through WhatsApp or Share button.

Q: How many people can I invite to Navi App?

If you want to earn money by referring from Navi App, then Navi provides Refer and Earn Program. Through which you can earn money by inviting your friends and family. You do not get any limit on referrals inside Navi. The more people you want to invite. you can do it.

Q: How much bonus does Navi give on each refer?

Once you have created an account inside Navi Investment App. After that, if you want to earn money through Refer & Earn program, then Navi gives you a bonus of ₹100 for referring you.

Q: If I invite my friend to Navi, how much bonus will he get?

When you invite any friend or family inside Navi Mutual App. And your friend or invited user creates an account on Navi and invests using your link. So he gets a bonus of ₹100.

Q: How much can you earn by referring in Navi App?

If you are wondering, how much can we earn from Navi Investment App by referring. So let us tell you that through this you can earn ₹15,000 per month. It depends on you, how much you share. And how many people join through your link. And after joining, how many people do KYC for Digital Gold and Mutual Funds. And invest in it.

Q: I invited friends inside Navi but I did not get commission?

When you invite anyone inside Navi Loan App, and your invited user creates an account using your link. But does not complete KYC. And if you do not invest at least ₹100, then you do not get referral commission.

Q: When does Navi give me Referral Reward?

When you invite someone, and your invited user does KYC for Digital Gold or Mutual Fund. And invest at least ₹100. Then Navi gives you Referral Reward within 2 working days.

Q: Where can I use Navi Referral Reward Coins?

If you earn Navi Coins by referring through Navi Refer & Earn Program, then you can invest it in Digital Gold. Or you can withdraw those coins directly through your UPI or Bank Account.

Q: I can't withdraw my Navi Referral Rewards?

If you earn money by referring through your Navi Referral Program. So let me tell you. You can remove it easily. But if you must have at least 10 Navi Coins. Only then can you take it out. And you can withdraw from Navi only 10 times a day.

Q: What is Mutual Fund Investment?

If you want to grow your money by investing it in Navi Investment App, then for this Navi App gives you the option of Mutual Fund. Through which you can invest in the top funds of the share market. Here you get a chance to invest with as little as ₹10. And there is no locking period. Nor does any commission have to be paid. Top funds for investment like funds with the highest returns in which there is more risk. But returns are also higher. Funds with mid-returns in which the risk is medium. And returns are also medium. And Low Returns means a Tax Saving Fund in which your risk is almost negligible. And you get balanced returns.

Q: What is Digital Gold investment?

If you are thinking of investing in digital gold, then if you buy 6.25 mg 24-carat pure gold here, you get a discount of 2.25% and here you get it in the form of digital gold. There is no need to worry because your money remains safe inside the Navi app.

Q: What is Navi App Health Insurance?

Navi app provides you better health insurance, under this, if you cover minimum up to ₹2 lakh, then you will have to pay ₹235 per month and when you cover ₹ 1 crore, you will have to pay ₹807 per month. After that, 100% of the hospital bill and your lab test will be done by the health insurance every year without any money.

Q: What is Navi App Cash Loan?

If you need a cash loan in Navi app, then you have to enter some basic details. Here you have to enter your full name and your date of birth, after that you have to enter work information like employment and monthly income, after that you have to enter bank details. Here you will also have to do KYC. To do KYC, you can complete KYC through your PAN card and selfie video.

Q: What is Navi Home Loan?

If there is a need to take a home loan from Navi App, then we can take a loan up to 90% from here. For example, if the total value of your property is Rs 50 lakh, then you can pay the price of that property up to Rs 45 lakh from Navi Home Loan App. And you also get EMI facility in it and if you choose holiday then you do not have to pay EMI for 12 months. Navi Home Loan Apk is a completely digital process, here you can pay your EMI at the right time. You can do this, you do not have to pay any kind of fee, it is 100% free.

Q: What is Navi App UPI Features?

Inside Navi app, you can send money through money transfer and mobile number. Here, you can also send money to bank accounts through UPI. You can also see the transaction history inside Navi app. You can use Navi app in a way like a bank. Can also be seen like this.

Q: What is the feature of insurance plan in Navi App?

If you want to do insurance in Navi app then you have to do some process here, inside this you have to first select your gender, after that your height and your weight and if you are asked about any harmful element here, then you have to answer it, and You can get your insurance plan here by entering further details.

Q: Where can you share Navi App?

If you want to share Navi Apk with more friends, then you have to go to the Refer and earn button here, after that you can share this app through your WhatsApp, only after you share it with your friends. Here you can create an account using the refer code given by you.

Q: What is Navi App Help Center?

If you face any kind of deficiency or any kind of problem inside the Navi app, you do not need to go anywhere else, you have a help center given inside the Navi app, here you can get cash loan, home loan, health insurance, mutual funds. You can get help regarding digital gold, referral, and reward and Navi UPI, service is always available to you.

Q: Can Navi app be better for us so that we can share it with our friends?

Yes, of course Navi App can prove to be very good for us, with this we can take our money to higher heights by telling our friend about this good platform, and he can earn a good amount of money by joining this Navi App. can do.

Q: Can we know whether Navi App can be beneficial or harmful?

You can get many sources of profit in Navi App like it has good money earning sources like home loan, gold loan, mutual funds etc. and there is no harmful process in it, it is a good money source for us. Can prove to be a source of income.