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By Mannu Mahi  -    17-06-2024 -    742 -    8

Q: What is PollPe?

PollPe is a poll based online earning app developed in India. Which is operated by Abhiman Innovations PVT Ltd. PollPe is an intuitive, mobile-first platform that seamlessly connects individuals and businesses. For users, Pollpay offers the opportunity to earn rewards for expressing their opinions and participating in interesting polls. With this, Poll Pe gives an opportunity to earn real money by completing various types of survey tasks and playing games.

Q: How to create an account in Poll Pe?

If you are thinking of earning money by completing survey tasks and playing games inside Poll Pe. So you can create an account inside it. First of all you have to click on the Sign-Up With Google option and select you're Gmail. After that, the mobile number will have to be verified by entering Fill OTP. Now you have to use Date Of Birth and Poll Pe Referral Code: MANNUMAHI. Now your account will be successfully ready.

Q: What is Poll Pe Referral Code?

Poll Pe Referral Code is MANNUMAHI, using which you can create an account. And you will get 200 Coins.

Q: What is Poll Pe Refer and Earn Program?

Poll Pe is an option to invite new users to your platform and earn rewards. Through which you can invite your friends and family to Poll Pe.

Q: How does Poll Pe Refer and Earn Program work?

Poll Pe gives its existing users a chance to earn rewards by inviting new users. For this, you will have to share Poll Pe Referral Code and Referral Link with your friends and relatives. When they create an account using your referral code and complete the first poll or task. So you get rewards.

Q: Can I earn rewards from Poll Pe?

You can earn UPI Cash, Google Play Code, Amazon Gift Card, Flipkart Gift Card etc. by completing simple polls, tasks, surveys, playing games and other activities inside Poll Pe.

Q: How can I earn money from Poll Pe?

If you want to earn money inside Poll Pe, then you can earn by completing easy polls. With this, you can earn money by completing Lucky Wheel and Daily Streak and TaskPe Offers and playing the game. Not only this, you can also earn money by referring.

Q: How much can I earn from Poll Pe Refer and Earn Program?

You can earn as much as you want through Poll Pe Referral Program. There is no limit for earning here. The more you refer, the more you will earn.

Q: How much commission do you get on each refer in Poll Pe?

You get 200 Coins on every refer inside Poll Pe. Which is approximately equal to ₹2.

Q: How many people can I invite to Poll Pe?

You can invite people through Poll Pe Refer and Earn. There is no invite limit in this. You can invite as many people as you want.

Q: How much is the Minimum Withdrawal available within Poll Pay?

Minimum Withdrawal available in Poll Pay is ₹50. If you have 5600 Coins. So you can take withdrawal of ₹50.

Q: How to get customers in Poll Pe?

If you want to get customer support for any issue inside Poll Pe App. So for this you have to click on your profile, then click on the Help Center option. Now you will get the option to contact support. By clicking on which, you can tell your problem through your email ID.

Q: How to withdraw money from Poll Pay?

If you want to withdraw your earned money from Poll Pe App, then for this you will have to click on the Reward option. Now you get the option to redeem your coins. You have to select your Withdrawal Method. After that, you can easily withdraw money.

Q: I invited friends to Poll Pe but I haven't received Coins?

If you have invited your friends, and they have created an account using your Referral Link or Refer Code. But still you have not got the coins. The main reason for this is that he has not completed any task or survey yet. When he completes it, then you will start getting commission.

Q: How to play Quizzes inside Poll Pe?

If you want to earn coins by playing quizzes, then you get the option of QuizPe. Through which you can earn coins by participating in the quiz. Here you get categories of quiz like Sports, Wildlife, GK, Technology, Entertainment, Automobile, Food & Beverages and Trivia.