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आप UpGrad App से किसी दोस्त को Refer करके ₹50,000 तक की कमाई कर सकते हैं।
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Q: What is UpGrad App?

UpGrad is a big online education providing company in India, which is operated by Upgrade Education Private Limited. From where you can earn money by referring and earning to a friend.

Q: How to create your account in UpGrad?

First of all you have to join UpGrad by clicking on the Join Now button, and after that you have to enter your mobile number to create the account. And OTP will be sent to your mobile, you have to enter it. Now you have to enter your email.

Q: What is UpGrad's Referral Code?

UpGrad Refer Code is HXFAAH

Q: What are the Refer and Earn programs in UpGrad?

You have been given a very good Refer and Earn program in UpGrad, under this you can earn up to ₹50,000 by referring your friends. You can share with more friends from here.

Q: How to Join Refer Program in UpGrad?

If you want to join the Referral Program in UpGrad, then first you have to open the UpGrad App. After that you have to go to your profile, and click on the Refer and Earn button. And you can join your friends by copying your referral link from here.

Q: How much Referral Bonus do you get in UpGrad?

If you share UpGrad with any of your friends and relatives, and they create their account in it, and buy any course from here. Then you earn up to ₹ 50,000.

Q: How to Refer and Earn in UpGrad?

Once you have created your account inside the UpGrad App, then click on the share button to refer. Now you can share it with any friend or relative from here.

Q: How many friends can I share UpGrad with?

If you want to earn money daily by sharing with a friend, then there is no limit to sharing here. Within this, you can share with your friends as much as you want.

Q: How much do you earn by referring from UpGrad App?

You can refer your friends as much as you want from UpGrad App. And there is no limit to earning money here. Within this, you get a chance to earn up to ₹50,000 from Referral Bonus.

Q: I referred my friends but haven't received any bonus yet?

When you refer a friend to UpGrad, and you do not get any bonus from here. So it means that your friend would not have created an account inside this app and purchased any course from here. Therefore, you would not have received any referral bonus.

Q: What if my friend forgets the Refer Code while creating the account?

If your friend has not used the Refer Code while creating an account in UpGrad App, then you will not get any Referral Commission inside UpGrad Apk.

Q: When my friend creates an account through my referral, how much bonus does he get?

If your friend uses your referral code inside UpGrad App, then you get a bonus. But your friend will not get any bonus. When your friend shares it with other people, then your friend will get a bonus.

Q: Can my friend use Refer Code while creating an account in UpGrad?

Yes, absolutely, when your friend creates his account in UpGrad App, you get a Referral Bonus. Which you can also withdraw.

Q: When will I receive Referral Bonus in UpGrad?

When your friend joins through the Referral Link provided by you and uses your Refer Code and purchases a course from here, then you get a Referral Bonus.

Q: Can UpGrad App be beneficial for us?

Yes, UpGrad App can be a very good study app for you, and also a money-making app when you refer it to a friend. And he uses your referral code. And you can earn money from here.

Q: How to buy courses in UpGrad?

If you want to buy a course from UpGrad App, then you have to open this application. After that you have to go to the Courses button. And whatever course you want to buy from here. You can buy the course by clicking on that button.

Q: What is the fee in UpGrad App?

If you buy any course from UpGrad App, then you have to pay fees here. Whatever course you buy as per your course, you have to pay fees accordingly.

Q: Can I earn money while studying with UpGrad?

Yes, you can earn money along with studying in UpGrad App. You refer your friends. And if they buy the course, then you earn from Refer Bonus.

Q: How is the customer support inside UpGrad App?

If you need any kind of help inside UpGrad App, you can take Customer Support. You have to go to the bottom of the Home Page, here you will find the mobile number of Customer Support. You get 24*7 support inside it.